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                                                                          5月15日馬來西亞拉曼大學Teh Peh Chiong教授學術報告


                                                                          報 告 人:Teh Peh Chiong,副教授 ,馬來西亞拉曼大學

                                                                          報告題目:Career opportunities in Optical Laser Engineering



                                                                          主辦單位:申博太阳城,江蘇省先進激光技術與新興產業協同創新中心 ,江蘇省先進激光材料與器件重點實驗室 ,科學技術研究院


                                                                            Dr Teh Peh Chiong is currently theattached to the engineering department in a reputable private university inMalaysia. He obtained his PhD from Optoelectronics Research Centre, Universityof Southampton in 2003, specializing in the area of Optical Communication.Since returning from the United Kingdom after his PhD, he started hiscareer in a research laboratory before moving to the manufacturing industry forseveral years. His current research focuses on advanced embedded systems designusing microcontrollers and FPGA, and also into optoelectronics design for highpower laser systems. Dr Teh has published over 40 papers in various IEEEinternational conferences and journals, with more than 13 years of experiencein research, training and consultancy.  Through his vast technicalexperience, he has worked on various research and seed grants such asCradleFund and the MOSTI Technofund grants. Dr Teh has been providingconsultancy on technical matters to various companies in Malaysia, from SMEs tolocal multinational companies. He has been giving technical trainings formany years in area of electronics, optoelectronics as well as in the FTTHrelated topics. 


                                                                            Photonics orOptoelectronics or Optical Engineering is the study of manipulation of lightand it is a growing field. Graduates in this field of study work inapplications that include image processing, information processing, wirelesscommunications, electronic manufacturing technology (including smartphones,automotive, and laser based products), astronomical observation, atomicresearch, robotics, military surveillance, water-quality monitoring, underseamonitoring, and medical and scientific procedures and instruments. Opticalengineers combine their knowledge of optics with other engineering concepts,such as mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and computerengineering, to develop and build products using optical/laser technology. Thistalk will give an overview of the career opportunities that requires the studyof optical laser engineering worldwide.



                                                                          郵政編碼:221116 電話:0516-83500485
                                                                          E-mail: phy@jsnu.edu.cn